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The Gender Wheel.
A nature-based, inclusive, body positive story of gender.

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Make the Gender Wheel!

Make the Gender Wheel! - by Maya Gonzalez

Want to find your place in the dance?
Download your own Gender Wheel to make!

Turn the circles.
Dance the wheel.
There’s room for every body.
Everyone belongs.

Make the Gender Wheel!
(Download the 3page handout with directions, 2.5MB)

The fourth circle coming soon with the release of The Rainbow Alphabet!

Read more about the Gender Wheel and how it was created in 5th part of Maya’s 5 Part Gender Series, The Holistic Self & The Gender Wheel.

The History

In 2010 Maya introduced the Gender Wheel and the Gender Team in the Gender Now Coloring Book. It was a jammed packed first-of-its-kind coloring extravaganza exploring bodies, nature and history in relation to multiple gender identities. It also opened up the possibility of play and expansion around our still limited language of “boy” and “girl.”

Now the Gender Team returns, expanded and stronger than before, inviting you on a picture book journey through the Gender Wheel.

Read more about the history and creation of The Gender Wheel.


Award-winning author and illustrator of My Colors, My World and Call Me Tree, Maya Gonzalez, shares a nature-based, inclusive, body positive story of gender.

Inviting every body back to the circle.