Calling in Your Holistic Self


Let’s pause here to try some exercises before we move on to the rest of this section.

Calling in your Holistic Self:

  • 1. Learning to think HOLISTICALLY. This is the best trick ever! Gaining as large of a perspective as possible on whatever I’m dealing with has become my style. I learned that if I’m suffering or feeling great discomfort, I can ease it up a little if I can get a large enough perspective on what’s going on. It can take a moment, but it changes how I think, how I feel, how I deal. I call it ‘sitting on the moon.’ It works wonders. (I only teach what I know personally works!)
      • Then, when it’s time to drop back into real life here on mamiearth, I keep this bigger perspective and my place in it alive by seeing reality in concentric circles. I don’t always draw them out on paper, but sometimes I do! I’m committed to seeing the bigger sweeps in my life because I know they help me learn through my personal lessons. I begin to see the circles, the connections, the patterns, the larger sources and results in my life and from there in the world around me.
      • Thinking holistically changes everything, including gender. Every step away from the false binary dismantles the patriarchy’s effect, frees the mind and heart, and moves us closer to the truth of the world. It is a constant practice. And totally worth it.
    • With this in mind, here are two worksheets from my online school that you can use to explore your HOLISTIC SELF and your HOLISTIC SELF IN CONTEXT.
      Writing things down and using your creativity are powerful ways to integrate your experience.When looking at these worksheets you may also want to look back at the questions presented from the previous page for each of the areas to help explore yourself and your experience more deeply.

  • 2. Extending it OUT. Thinking holistically is a whole new, true way of looking at everything, from the biggest perspective, nature all the way to the most intimate, your own personal experience. That’s how vast the impact of Western culture and the patriarchy have been. So truly-uly, every step counts. It’s personal. It’s global. It’s societal. It’s everything and every person has their own individual doorway into understanding it that is relevant to them. Personal experience that interrupts the falsehood of the binary is vital to deeper understanding. With that in mind, make it personal! Pursue holistic pathways in whatever ways speak OUT to you. They could be:
        • Holistic health and medicine
        • Holistic business and problem solving
        • Holistic education
        • Holistic spirituality
        • Holistic philosophy
        • Holistic parenting
        • Holistic therapy

    These exercises and explorations will be useful as we move into the next section of Part 5.

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