Nature: Imagine for a Moment


Take the time to try this on. Stop and imagine that everything you see around you in the natural world includes queer/trans/intersex, the same as humans. Every plant, every animal, every insect and bird, flora and fauna alike.

Imagine the natural, exuberant expression of everything, visible everywhere you look. Feel yourself as an integral part of all of this. Couple this with the idea that all of this diversity and expression is appreciated and valued as important and necessary. Nature and all that it is, is seen as perfectly natural.

‘Queer’ is no longer other. Queer! is a natural part of everything.

Finally, imagine growing up and being taught this in school. Imagine your parents, family and friends speaking casually about the queer/trans/intersex-ness of nature as if it’s normal and necessary and encouraging you to learn about it too.