Multicultural: Imagine for a Moment


They She He Me: Free to Be!Take the time to try this on. Stop and imagine a world of 3, 4, or more genders. Not an isolated case, but a universal concept that included everyone. Everywhere that you could travel across the globe, everyone acknowledged the basic truth of nature, that there are numerous genders.

It’s easy to imagine all the small and large aspects of life that this would affect. Bathrooms, of course. Fashion. Travel. But don’t go there yet. Stay with yourself. Remember, in whatever way you can, your own birth. Imagine that there were more than 2 boxes to choose from, including a gender free option that allows an individual to acknowledge for their selves what gender is theirs, when the time is right. Imagine guiding your parent’s hand, choose this one!

What would it be?

And if you guided them to choose the same that you were assigned at birth, does it feel any different knowing that you and everyone has more choice?

Are you a parent? What if you had more than 2 boxes to choose for your child? What if you could give them time to figure their gender out for their selves? What would change if you had a 3rd or 4th box to assign them?

Now imagine for another moment, that the spiritual leaders in your community are queer/trans/intersex people. Perhaps it’s even you. What wisdom do you have to share? What stories would you tell to help others like you grow strong, especially our youth. Perhaps you’re already doing this. (thank you!!!xoxoxox) Many queer/trans/intersex people choose lives of community service. Spirit keeps us strong.