Part 5: Imagine for a Moment


Take the time to try this on. Imagine for a moment, not a new world, because this has always been our world, but a true world! Imagine shamelessly prancing or rolling through a world that truthfully adores you. Imagine a place where you don’t have to say anything about the fabulousness of queer/trans/intersex people. It is what it is. Known by all. Taught to the small. Permeating every teeny tiny facet of society and culture.

The Gender Wheel turns for EVERY BODY and EVERY BODY belongs!

Movies, school, books, art, conversations, fashion, healing practices, medical care, travel, documentation, history, every single thing imaginable would change to respectfully, even joyously include queer/trans/intersex people and experience. Imagine that!

Don’t stop. Keep imagining. A true world.

"This is our world" - from The Gender Wheel (c) by Maya Gonzalez