US History: Back to the Truth and Practical Daily Application


I thought I was the only one, has been a common sentiment expressed by queer/trans/intersex people struggling with being a part of American society. Most of us grow up in isolation from the truth of our history or the presence of LGBTQIA2S+ people in our lives. That’s changing. But there’s more to do.

We must spread the truth that we have always been here. And not only have we been here, we have worked to expand and improve our society, and done so generally under great and direct stress.

We are courageous, tenacious, hopeful, strong and eternal. We will always be part of society because we have always existed. We are gorgeous and true. We are here. We are everywhere.

We simply ARE.

It is imperative that we and all Americans begin to internalize the truth of what is. Queer/trans/intersex people have contributed to the United States of America from the beginning. Despite being judged and scapegoated, we are an important and valuable part of society.