US History: Imagine for a Moment


Charley Parkhurst Portrait by Maya GonzalezImagine everything you ever learned about the history of the United States included contributions made by queer/trans/intersex Americans. And it didn’t end there. Imagine that everything you learned was couched in the fact that these ancestors did it while facing complete erasure, some living in fear and secrecy, all of them stepping outside of social norms and trusting their own hearts and truth…you begin to sense the power and strength of their presence and take to heart that their contributions were not solely historical or social, but emotional, spiritual, hopeful and far reaching.

This is the power of queer/trans/intersex people in our society.

Imagine honoring queer/trans/intersex ancestors with statues, poems, songs, stories, books, even naming schools and buildings after them. Imagine our presence permeates everything, because it does.