Overview of the Series

What’s in store each section

Each of the next 5 sections will focus on a different theme: Nature, Multicultural Awareness, Indigenous, and US history, and finally the Gender Wheel.

Each section begins with an introduction to books by queer scholars and goes on to include the following sections: Imagine for a moment, What is commonly taught and thought, Back to the truth and Practical daily application with 4 areas where you can put truth to action. There’s also coloring pages, children’s books, scholarly books, videos and more.

A Holistic frame is used throughout the series. This includes, but is not limited to the framework that mind is not separate from body, and sexuality is not separated from gender. These are seen as intrinsically connected to each other in ways that have been erased and/or suppressed. This perspective is developed through the course of the series culminating in the Gender Wheel.

Consequently, gender is seen relative to the LGBTQI2S+ community. The LGBTQI2S+ community is also generally referenced in more simplified umbrella terms Queer/Trans/Intersex to lean into unity and the connections inherent between us, also erased and/or suppressed.

This series is just a beginning and is not meant to be a sole resource. It is a glimpse into a fraction of the research I’ve done. It is explicitly meant as a doorway to further study and play. The more we lift up and use the brilliant scholarship from our own community, the sooner truth will support us in creating a more equitable world of love and respect.