Who is this Course for & Why

My work is first and foremost a healing frame. I believe to create lasting, effective change, we must commit to fully and deeply loving ourselves. This includes mediating the impact Western patriarchal culture has had on us individually and in community as IPOC and Queer/Trans/Intersex people. This centering ourselves helps remedy and reorient us in relationship to the dominant culture and invigorate our agency and creative power from the inside out. As we heal ourselves, we impact our families, communities, culture and create generational change.

So while this course centers IPOC and Queer/Trans/Intersex people, it is for everybody wanting to establish or deepen a holistic perspective on gender. The course provides one window into our community and what can be learned from a marginalized community continuing to heal through oppression. This systemically contributes to power re-balancing within the dominant culture and a structural shift using personal healing as the primary intent.

The series is appropriate for grownups and young adults, but is ultimately about reorienting ourselves in order to bring greater awareness and support to our kids and families.