The Whole Story:
Overview & Reorientation toward The Gender Wheel

Welcome to the Gender Wheel! Here we begin the journey with an overview and a reorientation toward truth outside of western patriarchy and begin establishing a holistic, nature-based understanding of gender.
INTRO/REORIENTATION takes a brief look at what has been suppressed in Western patriarchal culture and how it’s impacted our sense of context and thinking regarding gender. The training includes actions to explore binary thinking, expose and interrupt assumptions and stereotypes, and create more inclusive perspectives and practices.
The Gender Wheel Curriculum - INTRO

Currently Available Materials (additional items also in development):


For Kids & Grown-Ups:

(to get a brief intro & overview of The Gender Wheel and Suppressed Nature, History & Global Cultures)

Gender Now Coloring Book (Ages 3+)

  • Updated and Expanded 12 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EDITION releasing this year!
  • Uses words children use and know (“boy” “girl”) and open up the meaning of these familiar words.
  • Explores gender in Nature, History and Global Cultures and a simplified version of the Gender Wheel.

The Gender Wheel: a story about bodies and gender for every body (Ages 7-10)

  • explores gender in relation to colonization and how to move beyond the binary into holistic, nature-based ways of thinking using the Gender Wheel
  • Also available as a clothed "School Edition" with Teacher Tips
  • Adaptable for younger kids by reading portions of the story and/or 'reading' the imagery

Educational Tools:

The Gender Wheel Puzzle

The Gender Wheel Puzzle

  • Wooden educational tool
  • Not currently available outside of trainings

The Gender Wheel Poster

  • 12.25″ x 17.25″ Poster
  • A spread from The Gender Wheel - School Edition children's book

All Genders All the Time Poster

  • 18" x 24" Poster
  • Imagery and text that explores some of the main principles of The Gender Wheel Curriculum - Dynamic, Infinite, Inclusive
  • Learn the names & pronouns of the kids on the poster through our Playing with Pronouns Educational Card Deck


Establishing a Holistic Gender Perspective - Online Course

  • 5 Part series exploring Nature, Multicultural Awareness, Indigenous, and US history, and the Gender Wheel.
  • Geared to Grown-ups & Young Adults.
  • Includes coloring pages to share with kids and book recommendations.

10 tips to creating a more GENDERFULL world

  • 10 ways to begin bringing a holistic, nature-based perspective of gender into your home or classroom
  • Pairs well with the online course above.


Teaching for Gender Inclusivity: Reorientation & Intro

  • reorientation toward a nature-based, holistic framework of gender
  • provides five important areas where supportive change can begin now
  • create a different perspective of gender outside of patriarchal frames