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Here some of our initial how-to videos. We're hard at work getting the rest up on the site including additional games and downloads. In the meantime, feel free to contact us if you have any questions. SCROLL DOWN for FUN ACTIVITY PAGES!!

Bottom Line is that just playing with the cards no matter if you're doing a specific game or not is what's most important. Kids rarely, if ever, see gender diverse and inclusive imagery in learning materials. Simply being exposed to the card deck on a regular basis has a profound effect.

Additional Game Ideas: Spelling games, Writing stories about a Pronoun Kid, Playing in teams or timed Sorting/Matching, and so much more....what can you come up with?!?

Alphabet Match!

Game Idea #4

Variations: Try this as a Memory Game for 2 or more players.

Lay out all 52 GREEN cards with pronoun side face up (kids & letters face down). Lay in rows of 8-9 cards (if you have the Playmat, use the blank circles on the back to layout in rows). Take turns turning over any two cards. If the two cards have matching letters, keep them and take another turn. If they don't match, turn them back over. Try to remember who was on each card and where they were and also pay attention to what cards other players choose. The game is over when all the cards have been matched. The player with the most matches wins. (note: for younger players you can play with just part of the alphabet)

Can You Find Me?

Game Idea #6

Variations: For more advanced game, try playing competitively.

One player has lowercase cards, other has uppercase cards. Each lays in rows in front of themselves. Without telling other player, each chooses a card from the other's set for the other player to find. If necessary, right down the name and hide it until play is complete. Then, similar to the original game, use the sorting cards to ask each other questions to see who can find the correct kid card first.


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for Playing with Pronouns Card Deck

*NOTE: In some of the first card decks we printed, the game cards are blue and not maroon. Still the same games though!

for Playing with Pronouns Card Deck

Read more about the double-sided playmat here


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Playing with Pronouns is part of the Gender Wheel Curriculum LEVEL ONE