Playing with Pronouns Playmat

A Playmat for our Playing with Pronouns Card Deck!

This 28 x 34 inch double-sided playmat offers extra structure to gender-inclusive learning and games.

Multiple ways to engage!

Playing with Pronouns Playmat - front side for alphabet matching

[IMAGE 1] Use the Playmat for Learning the Alphabet

FRONT of the Playmat
for learning the Alphabet and simple Matching & Sorting
  • MATCH Pronoun Kid cards to their image on the mat in alphabetical order [IMAGE 1].
  • Place SORTING CARD in a corner and turn over cards that match. For example, placing the "Dresses & Skirts" sorting card in the purple corner and turning over all the kids who are wearing dresses or skirts. What do you notice about the pronouns?
Playing with Pronouns Playmat - back side for sorting & memory games

[IMAGE 2] Use the Playmat for Sorting & Organizing

BACK of the Playmat
for Sorting, Organizing and Memory games
  • Place SORTING CARDS along the top with kid cards underneath. For example, placing all the Hair cards along the top and organizing the Pronoun Kids accordingly [IMAGE 2].
  • PLAY Game #4 Alphabet Match as a Memory Game using the mat to easily layout the cards in rows [IMAGE 3].
Playing with Pronouns Playmat - back side for sorting & memory games

[IMAGE 3] Use the Playmat for Memory Games

Playmat pairs perfectly with our Pronoun Books & Posters!

Get a Playmat!

Limited Edition Full Kits are available through our independent press (while supplies last). These kits include playmats alongside the card deck and other books & materials in a canvas carry bag.

Make a Playmat!

A simple DIY version is also available offering a high-quality, durable playmat at an affordable price.

AND a great opportunity to connect with kids on a simple project!

Playing with Pronouns Playmat Sewing Instructions

Materials Needed:

  •  1 Yard of Playmat Fabric, recommend Lightweight Cotton Twill (order through Spoonflower here)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine & Thread, (recommend a blue thread to match the cloth but this is up to you)
  • Iron (optional)

Don't Sew?

Estimated Time & Costs:

  • 30 minutes - 1 hour
  • around $30-$32

The short version.....

  • Order a yard of our Playmat fabric through Spoonflower. Trim off white edges, fold in half, tuck edges in and hem with a sewing machine. Or, use a durable tape, like colored duct tape, for an easy no-sew option.

Detailed instructions with pictures below or download PDF.

Do you love to sew and make how-to videos? Would you like some FREE playmat fabric?

  • We're looking for folks, particularly queer POC folks, who would like to make some videos in exchange for FREE MATERIALS. We're also looking for folks who would be interested in sewing & selling playmats for us. Contact us if that's you!

Step 1:

Order 1 yard of our Playmat Fabric via Spoonflower

We recommend choosing the "Lightweight Cotton Twill" fabric but you can choose any fabric that is 58" in width. Make sure to select 'Yard 58"x 36"' as the size - 1 yard will make 1 playmat. Then add to cart to complete your purchase.

Step 2:

If necessary, iron the playmat before sewing to remove any wrinkles from the shipping process.

Use a standard setting for cotton and cover playmat fabric with a light cloth before ironing; also avoid spraying fabric with a water bottle.

Trim all white edges from Playing with Pronouns Playmat Cloth

Step 3:

Trim any white edges from fabric.

Edges should all be blue.

Step 4:

Fold the playmat in half at the light black line in the center of the playmat.

You may notice that due to the nature of cloth, the edges may not completely line up, this can be adjusted for when sewing.

Hemming edges of the Playing with Pronouns Playmat Cloth

Step 5:

Fold edges in about quarter to half inch and hem with sewing machine.

Double-check as you go that you are not getting too close to any of the playmat circles on the front or back.

Finished dimensions of playmat will be about 28 x 34 inches.

Use a colored duct tape for no-sew option

Don't Sew?

You can also finish edges with a colored Duct Tape

Note that if you finish with duct tape, you may want to handwash and lay flat to dry if you need to clean the playmat.

Playing with Pronouns is part of the Gender Wheel Curriculum LEVEL ONE