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A Story About PRONOUNS

A short stop motion film animating some of the back material from the children's book on pronouns, They She He Me: Free to Be! using the Playing with Pronouns educational cards.

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Some thoughts on how to BREAK the cycle!

Meet Justice and Jorge
Meet Justice and Jorge from our Playing with Pronouns card deck.
What we wear and how we wear our hair is a reflection of who we are.
But similar styles can mean different things to different people and for each can express something unique about them.

Justice (on the left) uses she pronouns.
Jorge (on the right) uses both they and he pronouns.
And they both love this FABULOUS jacket that expresses their own unique way in the world.

When we make assumptions based on stereotypes we perpetuate a false binary that leaves A LOT of people out. Let’s break the cycle. The time to include everyone is now!
Dresses look fabulous on everyone! - Gender Wheel Curriculum
Meet some of the kids from our Playing with Pronouns card deck who all love wearing dresses.
Clothes are powerful vehicles of expression and can celebrate your individual way in the world.
When we make assumptions about pronouns or gender based on what someone wears we miss the opportunity to see ALL of who they are.
No clothing style is attached to any particular pronoun or gender.
We are infinite beings of extraordinary creative expression.
We are Free To Be!
Playing with Pronouns is an educational card deck for young children designed to expand gender while learning and playing games.


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