on The Gender Wheel Curriculum

Learn ways to implement the Curriculum and get hands-on practice with books and educational materials. Our 3 Part Training focuses on Early Childhood Education, Social Justice and Community Healing and is based on a comprehensive, multidisciplinary gender theory symbolized by the Gender Wheel.

**PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current events happening in the world we are in the process of moving our training offerings to an online format. More info will be provided soon. In the meantime you may wish to check out our free online course.
Professional Development Training includes: a complete reorientation toward an all-inclusive, nature-based understanding of gender; a new narrative about the development and impact of Western Culture on the LGBTQI2S+ community; exploration of the Gender Wheel as a new symbol to understanding gender; hands-on experience with gender inclusive practices and materials; and how to implement the reorientation and gender inclusive practices into different settings, especially learning and public environments.

Lecture, interactive activities, discussion, educational materials, practice, journaling and support frameworks are used at each step to enhance engagement, understanding and confidence in putting a new framework into practical use.

Where have these trainings been presented? We have presented portions of these trainings for First 5, Libraries and Childcare agencies and currently preparing a pilot program for a local government agency supporting early childhood educators.