on The Gender Wheel Curriculum

Learn ways to implement the Curriculum and get hands-on practice with books and educational materials.
***Pronoun Presentations for Kids AVAILABLE TO SCHEDULE! (more details soon, feel free to inquire)***

Pronoun Presentations for Kids!

We are free to Be!

Dynamic and empowering presentations for young kids. The program provides an engaging way to open up and expand conversations about pronouns and gender. Geared toward ages 4-9.
Curriculum Level: ONE - Pronoun Circle

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives:

  • Dismantle gender stereotypes and assumptions
  • Create a welcome environment for all genders
  • Learn songs, hear stories, be free like a tree!

Presentation Formats

Adaptable based on needs:

  • SMALL CLASS FORMAT: 30 min presentation for small classes under 30 students
    • For further support, recommend having children’s books and card deck from our Level ONE curriculum
  • ASSEMBLY FORMAT: 30 min program for a larger audience
    • For further support, recommend having children’s books and card deck from our Level ONE curriculum
  • ASSEMBLY or SMALL CLASS FORMAT w/ ED TRAINING: 30 min program coupled with educator training


Teaching for Gender Inclusivity:

Reorienting toward a Holistic Nature-Based Perspective on Gender

Maya Gonzalez reorients participants toward a nature-based, holistic framework of gender for young kids. The workshop provides five important areas where supportive change can begin now, with books and hands-on educational materials for participants to practice and play. Inclusive and multidisciplinary.
Curriculum Level: 0/INTRO

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Explain parts of language that are important to consider when discussing gender and inclusivity
  • Identify the impact of oppositional, binary thinking in spoken or written language
  • Identify the benefits of expansive thinking in spoken or written language
  • Explain how the impact of historical suppression of individuals and of nature is reflected in our current understanding of gender and inequities
  • Use a community-based model of communication around gender that puts the onus on the system and not the individual
  • Describe why lived experience is important to prioritize over outside voices

Training Formats

Adaptable based on needs:

  • PRESENTATION FORMAT: 90 min presentation by Maya to introduce the topics and ed tools
    • Recommended if funds and time are limited
  • INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP FORMAT: extensive and interactive 3-4 hour workshop with presentation, guided hands-on activities, and additional facilitators
    • Recommended for deeper understanding


Additional Trainings & Info Coming Soon!