TRAININGS on The Gender Wheel Curriculum

Learn ways to implement the Curriculum and get hands-on practice with books and educational materials.

Teaching for Gender Inclusivity:

Reorienting toward a Holistic Nature-Based Perspective on Gender

Maya Gonzalez reorients participants toward a nature-based, holistic framework of gender for young kids. The workshop provides five important areas where supportive change can begin now, with books and hands-on educational materials for participants to practice and play. Inclusive and multidisciplinary.
Curriculum Level: 0/INTRO

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Explain parts of language that are important to consider when discussing gender and inclusivity
  • Identify the impact of oppositional, binary thinking in spoken or written language
  • Identify the benefits of expansive thinking in spoken or written language
  • Explain how the impact of historical suppression of individuals and of nature is reflected in our current understanding of gender and inequities
  • Use a community-based model of communication around gender that puts the onus on the system and not the individual
  • Describe why lived experience is important to prioritize over outside voices

Training Formats

Adaptable based on needs:

  • PRESENTATION FORMAT: 90 min presentation by Maya to introduce the topics and ed tools
    • Recommended if funds and time are limited
  • INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP FORMAT: extensive and interactive 3-4 hour workshop with presentation, guided hands-on activities, and additional facilitators
    • Recommended for deeper understanding


Additional Trainings & Info Coming Soon!