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Coloring our way to a beautifully, diverse world...

This month we're spotlighting PEACE and HEALING.
“I am in this body and heart to be my full self. It is in being my full self that I fulfill my purpose here and bring the greatest amount of peace that I can to earth.”

Miko and Flora remind us that when there’s so much going on in the world one of our greatest resources is to start with ourselves.

Miko has their watermelon patterned pants on and Flora’s holding zir watermelon slice. Watermelon’s symbolize the colors of the Palestinian flag: black, green, red and white. The Palestinian people are forbidden to show their flag, so they turned to nature. Watermelons are used throughout the world to symbolize their struggle right now.

Nature has the power to hold us individually and connects us to each other. We are one people on one planet.

You can also see the watermelon in our Gender and Infinity Book for Kids. Watermelons are a part of the plant world’s vast diversity beyond the binary.

Play more with Miko and Flora and all their pronoun friends with the Playing with Pronouns Card Deck

Gender Wheel NIBBLES

Gender Wheel NIBBLES

Bringing in a nature-based approach to gender one small nibble at a time...

What is a nature-based perspective of gender?
This month we’re starting at the root with 3 budding principles to grow a nature-based perspective of gender AND why it’s important.
There is an unmistakable mindset shift that happens when you find yourself embodying these principles on a deeper level. It’s one of the reasons why we call the first part of our Gender Wheel trainings: Reorientation.

Gender Wheel Books, Ed Tools, & Resources

Related Books, Educational Tools & Resources

The Gender & Infinity Book for Kids by Maya Gonzalez

The Gender and Infinity Book for Kids is here!

We consider this book foundational to our work as it brings a nature-based perspective of gender to kids and helps all of us find our way back to nature’s infinity.

Available in Hardcover, Paperback, and a companion Coloring Book.

A PowerFULL Path to Raising Changemakers

Over on our Reflection Press website, you can snag this PDF with 9 steps to resource kids during difficult times. You’ll also find some additional resources and coloring pages on the site.

View our latest newsletter for more resources.

Upcoming Events and Trainings - SAVE THE DATE!

March 14th-16th, Los Angeles (in-person)

ECEvolution: Shaping the Future of Early Education Conference
hosted by The Los Angeles County Office of Education, Head Start and Early Learning Division. Maya will be giving a keynote and educator workshop on March 16th. This conference is FREE, space is limited.

April 15th, 17th, 18th 9am-12:30pm (virtual)

Free Gender Wheel Trainings for Santa Clara County. SAVE THE DATES for our next trainings coming up in April. If you live or work in Santa Clara County you can attend these online discussion-centered and facilitated trainings for free AND get free books and card decks for participation.