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Gender Wheel® 101:
Nurturing a Holistic, Nature-Based Perspective of Gender


6 Sessions - 90 minutes each
Online Format
Small Group Breakouts
Discussion-centered Learning
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Parents, Educators, Therapists, Community Members, and anyone wanting to expand their understanding of gender

About this Workshop Series

Gender Wheel® 101 is a series of introductory and interactive online workshops to start (or grow) your path toward a holistic, nature-based perspective of gender. The 3 part series offers an opportunity to expand your mind, gain a sense of greater belonging and lean into embodiment.
Through six 90 minute facilitated workshops you learn to call in the diversity of nature, gain insight into the origins and spread of gender oppression and ultimately discover a path back to nature and your whole self.
Storytelling, expansive educational tools, play and community connection nurture a space where we can reorient ourselves to the reality of nature, make sense out of the world and where we are now, and strengthen ourselves to make effective and lasting change.

Schedule the Whole Series or Individual Parts

NOTE: We strongly recommend scheduling Part 1 of the series (or have taken our On Demand training) before moving on to Part 2 or 3.

Part 1 - Gender Wheel 101



3 ONLINE Sessions

Strong and simple storytelling transforms facts and information about nature's diversity into something immediate and compelling. We touch on plants, animals, people and divines across the globe and throughout time. We then look back to ancient times through to our more recent past to gain insight into why this diversity has been suppressed and how it has ultimately impacted how we think and talk about gender today. And finally coming full circle, we look at gender through nature's perspective as seen in the Gender Wheel.

Session Details

Nature and the BIG PICTURE
See the patterns and understand the value of body, reproduction and gender diversity throughout all realms of nature: plants, animals and people across the planet and throughout time.

The System and How We Got Here
Take an insightful look at the origins of gender oppression and the Americas that includes diving into the binary and how it evolved.

Gender Inside and Outside of the System
A look at how the dominant narrative of gender has evolved in America since WWI in contrast to what our indigenous ancestors and contemporary science say about gender. Then we look at gender through the Gender Wheel, a holistic, nature-based perspective.

Part 2 - Gender Wheel 101



2 ONLINE Sessions

Learning through play makes it easier to open our minds to new ways of thinking as well as gain insight into our old ways. We explore the Gender Wheel tool and engage the concentric circles to see nature's layered continuums and the immensity of infinity in motion. Infinity becomes personal as everyone is invited to find their position on their own wheel. We then turn to the Playing with Pronouns card deck for opportunities to see into our assumptions and biases and actively take them apart, but make it fun. Play is the way!

Session Details

How to Think Holistically About Gender
Want to be able to talk about big ideas like infinity and interconnectedness when it comes to gender? Want to understand your own place within infinity alongside the constant pressure to conform to stereotypes? Playing with the Gender Wheel Educational Tool is the perfect way to unlock your mind to nature’s infinite patterns.

Play to Uncover Your Assumptions and Bias
The Playing with the Pronouns Card Deck was designed to show full gender inclusion. Through playing with the cards you can see into yourself and your experience with more perspective.

*recommend Part 1 or our On Demand Video Series

Part 3 - Gender Wheel 101



1 ONLINE Session

What happens when you feel challenged? We can learn all the right things to say, we can learn all the history and nature facts, but feeling confident in our hearts and bodies is the ultimate goal. We dig into some more core information like we did in Part 1 but this time we couple it with mindfulness, both of self and the situation and how to keep ourselves strong and whole. This is about courting the concept and practice of peace within and without as we traverse the current sociopolitical onslaught.

Session Details

Popbacks for Pushback
Facts and strategies to stay strong, confident and effective during oppressive times.
Address pronouns, stereotypes and assumptions, age appropriateness, “patterns of behavior for boys and girls,” “transgender trends,” religion, politics, and nature using strategies that help you discern when and how to engage.

*recommend Part 1 or our On Demand Video Series

Workshop Format:

Bite Size Lessons - Gender Wheel 101 Workshops

Bite Size Lessons

The six workshop format allows us to learn about and process one subject at a time. This gives space to fully digest the material so we are prepared to build on it with the next workshop.
Small Breakouts - Gender Wheel 101 Workshops

Small Breakouts

Scheduled consistently throughout each workshop, breakout groups with just a few other folks provide a rhythm for personal insight and community connection.
Facilitated Discussions - Gender Wheel 101 Workshops

Facilitated Discussions

Conversations begun in breakouts have the chance to expand further when taken into discussions with the whole group. Guidance questions inspire personal inquiry, cultural awareness and a deeper understanding of the material at each step along the way.
Action Steps - Gender Wheel 101 Workshops

Action Steps

Confidently putting truth into action is the ultimate goal. Action steps at the end of every workshop help you put these new perspectives into real-life practice.

Add-ons & Includes:

Decolonizing Gender with Nature - On Demand Video Series

Video Series

Add-on access to our Decolonizing Gender with Nature On Demand Video Series to extend the learning further.
Gender Wheel 101 PDF Handouts

PDF Handouts

Tips, worksheets, references, coloring pages and more expand and deepen the experience.

What participants are saying...

"Empowering because then I can bring it into conversations."

"This training has felt so life affirming and expansive!"

"Thank you so much, Maya! Training with you is always such a beautiful, stretching experience."

"Thank you for all the work you do Maya, I really appreciate all the love and intention you put into this. Thank you ❤️!"

"It really just opens my eyes."

The Team

Maya Gonzalez

Maya Gonzalez


Maya is a Xicanx genderqueer femme, and an award-winning children’s book artist, author and activist. They have been a progressive educator for over 35 years with a focus on addressing inequity using children’s books as radical agents of change. Maya co-founded Reflection Press and created the Gender Wheel symbol, theory and approach.

Ursula Elsa Stoller

Ursula Elsa Stoller


Ursula is a genderqueer femme and a youth centered educator, advocate and mentor. They have been teaching mindfulness and nature connection to youth in the bay area for 10+ years with organizations including the Mindful Life Project, Wilderness Torah and Gaia Passages.

Matthew S.G.

Matthew S.G.

Tech & Support

Matthew is a 2nd generation queer and trans Dad. They co-founded Reflection Press alongside Maya and bring 20+ years of graphic design, tech, and management support from behind-the-scenes. He enjoys being out of the spotlight while still actively engaged in expanding the gender conversation.