The Gender Wheel
Intrinsic Principles

There are a number of basic principles connected to The Gender Wheel.

The Main Principles rise from the Wheel itself, as do the Wholeness Principles.
These are what The Gender Wheel teaches.

The Learning and Social Justice Principles are embedded in the Curriculum and are supportive ways to implement the ideas of the Wheel into daily life.

Main Principles


All of the circles within the Wheel move and the Wheel itself represents movement because The Gender Wheel is about the dance, not definitions.

Life and living, even the body, are a process. Seeing gender as dynamic means seeing how gender, like personality, flows through bodies.


The Gender Wheel moves and in moving it opens up infinite combinations in every direction which include everybody that ever exists.

This represents infinite human experience and potential. As a part of nature, this kind of infinite diversity is common and shows the strength of a species to both adapt and stabilize. Gender diversity is a necessary and intrinsic part of nature.


Being infinite, The Gender Wheel includes everybody and everybody is necessary to complete the wheel at any given moment.

LGBTQI2S+ people come from all communities. By centering this community first natural bridges are created between all communities.
Supporting gender diversity is a way to create cross-cultural unity.

Body Positive
Body Sovereignty

There’s no room for judgment of bodies when all bodies are necessary and natural.

Body shame is a form of cultural control. Valuing bodies makes them healthier, stronger and contributes to mental health. Investing in self-love and beautifully being yourself is radical. All bodies are valuable because all bodies belong

Body positivity is one with body sovereignty.

Personal authority takes root when external requirements about how bodies should look, should act, should feel, should be treated…are seen for what they are - control mechanisms. Full ownership of one’s own body is each person's birthright and instills a sense of body responsibility and agency.

Wholeness Principles


Looking at the big picture and understanding the interconnectedness of everything is fundamental to The Gender Wheel.

Separation, isolation and limited perspectives, in their many manifestations, are generally indicators of control and power-over dynamics.

The Gender Wheel is naturally about gathering, inclusion, connections and expanding perspectives in support of life and health.


Instead of seeing nature as separate and something to control, humans are seen as an intrinsic part of it. From this position, nature is no longer less than human, now humans find reflection within it.

By not suppressing the truth of nature or strictly binding it within a binary perspective, queer, trans, nonbinary and intersex bodies and experience are included and valued.

Social Justice Principles

Social Justice Frame

Racism, Sexism, Cissexism and Ableism are all intimately connected. To uphold one is to structurally contribute to all of them.

In order to move toward greater equity, women and femmes, indigenous people, people of color, lgbtqi2s+ people and disabled people are centered in the Curriculum to directly address marginalization by creating real reflection, providing immediate support and inciting systemic change.


Equal opportunity and human dignity should be everybody’s birthright, but it’s not. In order to address the power imbalances present in our current culture, systemic oppression must be addressed. This means looking at how gender oppression operates in our patriarchy and precisely what areas need restructuring to be inclusive.

This also means taking the onus off the individual (whether a child or an adult) and the lgbtqi2s+ community, and placing the impact of gender oppression squarely on the system.


To establish and maintain gender oppression, larger perspectives about nature, history and indigenous cultures have been controlled for a very long time. Consequently, erasure, distortion and suppression have to be addressed in these areas. Words, roles, history, culture, people and nature must be reclaimed to create a more realistic foundation of what is and always has been.

The Curriculum draws from the work of scholars within the lgbtqi2s+ community who bring light to what has been suppressed.

Learning Principles

Nonverbal & Somatic

The most powerful thing we teach is not what we say, but what we do and how we feel. Even when words are not used, volumes can be communicated. This is important to pay attention to.

The Curriculum is designed to create a container within which to know yourself and grow. Relaxation and embodiment are prioritzed so that our actions carry more weight.

Play to Learn

Games are a great way to learn. A sense of fun and play, in and of itself, is shown to make learning faster and easier. It also takes any rigidity off the subject of gender and keeps the energy flowing through the heart, body, and mind.