Gender Wheel Workshops & Trainings

Shifting to a Nature-Based Mindset

The Gender Wheel provides an ENTIRE APPROACH to gender and life that addresses, transforms, and heals binary thinking and gender oppression.

About our Trainings & Workshops:

  • Through anecdotes and fun facts, LEARN about the persistent patterns of body, gender, and reproductive diversity across all realms of nature to cultivate a nature-based and holistic foundation.
  • INVESTIGATE what has been culturally overlaid onto nature, erasing and limiting its diversity and how that shows up in how we use language and understand humanity.
  • DIVE INTO playful examples of how to translate a nature-based and holistic foundation of gender to kids.
  • From this new nature-based foundation, UNDERSTAND how to make effective change in how we think and how we use language using play and modeling.
  • EXPLORE the larger implications and mental health benefits of being in closer connection to nature and lifting the pressure to conform to gender roles.
Gender Wheel Staff Training

Train your Staff or Community:

Professional Development trainings and facilitated workshops for your employees, organization, or community group to create gender-inclusive environments from the start.

Explore specific strategies for SPEAKING to create Safe Space, READING to be Inclusive, PLAYING to Dismantle Oppression, and PREPARING for Pushback.

Ideal for: organizations, companies, school administrators and teachers, parent groups, and more!

On Demand Video Series:

An information-rich, self-paced, 16 video series that tells the BIG story about the roots of gender and body oppression and how to shift to a nature-based mindset of gender

Ideal for: those who like to dive into lots of facts and information in a self-paced format