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Decolonizing Gender with Nature:
PART 1 - Reorientation

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Educators • Parents • Social service workers • Administrators • Therapists • Counselors • LGBTQIA2S+ Community • Decolonizers of all kinds • Nature lovers • Social justice activists • Peacemakers....


Those who like to dive into lots of facts & information in a self-paced format.
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About this Video Series

Decolonizing Gender with Nature highlights why a fundamental shift in how we think and talk about gender is critical for us to move forward into a new world that supports, celebrates, and values everyone.
The on demand series tells the BIG story about the roots of gender and body oppression and how this oppression continues to be upheld even in our most progressive understandings of gender.
Through 6 main videos and 10 supplemental videos, the series breaks down the controls that have been piled on top of nature, and humans, and how these controls reinforce binary thinking and implicit bias.
Knowing the BIG story helps us see through the false binary to cultivate a new planetary mindset in alignment with nature. It’s time to heal our relationship with the earth and ourselves.

"When we understand Nature's timeless patterns,
we know gender and body diversity are valuable and necessary."

What makes this Series different?

This Gender Wheel video series connects with nature, and addresses the impact of systemic gender oppression, providing an authentically supportive framework for education, care-giving, and healing settings.


CULTIVATES an awareness of nature’s universal patterns and how they are reflected in bodies and gender throughout all realms: plants, animals, and people

DEEPENS an understanding of nature’s greatest strength: Diversity


UNEARTHS the origin and impact of gender oppression on humanity and nature

REVEALS how the colonized mindset directly affects and limits our current understanding of gender and social inequities


NURTURES embodiment as a whole human BEing in whole community, in all of nature, with the whole story

EXPANDS thinking into a new planetary mindset of continuums, connections, and interrelatedness

"When we understand the full dynamics of gender oppression,
we know why it continues to play out AND how to interrupt it."

What's included:

Training Videos

The 6 main sections are part of a larger narrative and each lays a foundation for the next. Watching the series builds a new understanding piece by piece, while weaving everything together.

FAQ Videos

Common questions & comments assembled from our facilitated trainings, ranging in topics from religion, teachers navigating parents, dealing with pushback, gender talks in the Latinx community, and more.

Supplemental Videos

Additional videos dive deeper into Nature, Indigenous History, and US History from a nature-based gender perspective with links to further learning.

PDF Downloads

A 26 page packet is available to download with a viewing guide, key takeaways, tips, worksheets, references, and coloring pages.

What participants are saying...

"Empowering because then I can bring it into conversations."

"I have already told several colleagues that they must sign up for this training."

"My mind was blown with the alignment between controlling gender diversity and controlling nature. "

"This is the most important training I've ever been to."

"It really just opens my eyes."

"I knew some of this but never this thorough."

"This explains A LOT. "

About the Presenter:

Maya Gonzalez

Maya Gonzalez


Maya is a Xicanx genderqueer femme, and an award-winning children’s book artist, author and activist. They have been a progressive educator for over 35 years with a focus on addressing inequity using children’s books as radical agents of change. Maya co-founded Reflection Press and created the Gender Wheel symbol, theory and approach. They have over 3 decades of experience as an independent researcher with a specific focus on LGBTQ & suppressed history.