that distinguish the Gender Wheel


TRUTH OF NATURE. Teach the truth of Nature AND what has been overlaid onto Nature by the current culture.

In Nature we find exuberant reflection of abundant body and gender diversity. This diversity is part of the timeless patterns of Nature throughout all realms: plants, animals, and humanity.

The truth of Nature shows us that body and gender diversity are normal, necessary, and valuable to the whole.


ACCURATE CONTEXT. Acknowledge the current system is a Patriarchy, which is by definition based on body and gender oppression (controlling Nature).

Understanding the origins, tools and impact of Patriarchy makes it easier to see its overlay onto Nature and its bully framework.

Accurate context helps preempt an individual from internalizing and/or perpetuating the oppression.


WHOLE & INTERCONNECTED. See the whole self in whole community with the whole story in all of nature.

The whole self is never isolated or divided and is always nested in full community with other whole selves.

With a whole and interconnected self, an individual’s position and inherent value is always understood in relation to all of humanity.


PLANETARY MINDSET. Expand into nonbinary, holistic, nature-based thinking by exploring gradiations and nuance and remove fixation on opposites.

In a continuum all positions along the circle are connected and equal which means that there is no hierarchy. Each position is necessary for the whole.

Circles and continuums naturally expand our mindset to the patterns and cycles of nature and life which strengthens our connection and care for Earth.


COMMUNITY EQUITY. Establish formal use of singular they as respectful default in public and educational settings.

HOW we speak conveys what we believe. Becoming aware of what we are actually communicating with our words allows us to consciously use language to interrupt power-over dynamics.

Pronoun Protocol takes the risk and responsibility off of gender nonconforming people, especially kids. The responsibility to interrupt stereotypes and assumptions is distributed equally between all bodies and genders.
  • For Parents, Educators, Therapists, Community Members, and anyone wanting to expand their understanding of gender in a facilitated format
  • 3 Part Series - 6 Online Sessions via Zoom
  • Explore why a fundamental shift in how we think and talk about gender is critical for us to move forward into a new world that supports, celebrates, and values everyone.
  • Develop a gender perspective that is unshakable at its core.
  • Ideal for those who prefer self-directed learning
  • Running time: 4 hours 34 mins | includes PDF Training packet