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5 Part Gender Series created by Maya Gonzalez.

Expanding the mind and beautifying the world with Queer/Trans/Intersex fabulousness!

GEARED TO Grown-ups and Young Adults


  • steps through some of the scholarship behind Maya’s children’s books on gender,
  • provides a more in-depth, expanded perspective on specific areas, and
  • establishes the larger holistic frame

Each part in the series focuses on a different theme: Nature, Multicultural Awareness, Indigenous, and US history, and finally the Gender Wheel. Questioning why the truth about gender in these areas has been suppressed may be just as important as learning more about each subject.

INCLUDES coloring pages, children’s book recommendations, scholarly books, videos and additional resources.

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Maya Gonzalez is an award-winning children’s book artist, author, activist and progressive educator. Her work addresses systemic inequity in relation to race/ethnicity, sexism and cissexism using children’s books as radical agents of change and healing, both personally and culturally. She co-founded Reflection Press, a POC, queer and trans owned independent publishing house that uses holistic, nature-based, and anti-oppression frameworks in their books and materials for kids and grown-ups. She is also the creator of the Gender Wheel, a tool to express the dynamic, infinite and inclusive reality of gender, and provides lectures and workshops to educators, parents and caregivers.