The Gender & Infinity Book for Kids!

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SUCCESSFULLY FUNDED: The Gender & Infinity Book for Kids - a NATURALLY INFINITE twist on the gender conversation with kids!

Why Support Us?

  • Push the Gender Convo Forward

    Our books and ed tools have been at the forefront of the gender conversation with kids since 2010. Our work pushes the boundaries of gender discussions with ever expanding viewpoints that address and heal systemic oppression. Many of our books have been the first to talk with kids about trans & intersex topics in unconventional & unparalleled ways.
  • Uplift Voices from the Community

    By supporting our books and educational tools you are supporting POC, Queer, & Trans voices and ensuring that we have a say in how our experiences are written and talked about. Supporting books BY the LGBTQIA+ community helps minimize implicit bias often present in books written about our community by those without lived experience.
  • Interrupt & Heal Gender Oppression

    Our books and educational tools are deeply rooted in healing frameworks. The Gender Wheel Approach is nature-based, decolonized, and holistic and provides the full context of our culture and healing the impact of oppression. This disperses political overlays from all sides and creates an unshakable foundation to celebrate the reality and necessity of body and gender diversity on a personal, societal and global level.

Why We're Crowdfunding?

  • Immediate Support

    By crowdfunding through our own site we can access funds immediately without additional platform fees. This way we don't waste time waiting for funding and instead start instantly putting all the funds to good use creating our books. It also helps ensure that our books launch on time!
  • Build Community

    By having specific and focused campaigns we can generate excitement, buzz, and discussion around our upcoming books and ed tools. The campaign page provides a landing place for folks to learn more about our materials and ways to support them, making it a lot easier to share. This greatly helps our small indie press get the word out and survive in this economy.
  • Special Excluisve Rewards

    Crowdfunding allows us to reward our supporters by adding a little extra incentive to pre-ordering. We have exclusive rewards only available during the campaign times including special discounts on bulk orders and classroom sets as well as free access to trainings, custom art pieces, and more! Plus our active mailing list subscribers get special invitations and first looks at our books and subscriber-only rewards!