Gender Wheel Curriculum
Gender Wheel Curriculum
The Gender Wheel serves as a Compass
The Gender Wheel serves as a compass with the Curriculum providing the journey. Every circle of the Wheel is an opportunity to expand our sense of the world around us, and our place in it.

The Gender Wheel Curriculum provides a holistic & nature-based approach to gender and draws from multiple disciplines for a broader understanding. Learning begins at the center of the Wheel with the Pronoun Circle and expands out through the Inside, Body, and Relationship Circles.

Language acquisition, suppressed history, binary thinking and implicit bias are also addressed. This reorients students toward a fundamental base of dignity and respect outside of systemic gender oppression.

Incorporating inclusive perspectives and practices at every level of the curriculum support a stronger sense of self, while creating systemic change in the world at large.

Adaptable to any age. Currently available materials focus on Ages 0-10.

The Journey:

Overview of the SIX Levels of the Curriculum


The Whole Story: Reorientation Toward the Gender Wheel

a brief look at what has been suppressed in Western culture and how it’s impacted our sense of context and thinking regarding gender.

Recommended as a starting point before moving onto further levels.

Level ONE

Heal the Song, Free the Mind: Language Acquisition and Inclusive Practices

practical tools that harness the power of the nonverbal, somatic engagement and play to interrupt gender assumptions and stereotypes, and support kids to embody healthy ideas and dynamics related to gender.

Gender Wheel Curriculum - LEVEL TWO

Level TWO

Infinity Within: Reclaiming the Suppressed, Establishing Reflection

seeing all the different ways to be in the world around us communicates that we belong and are free to grow into who we are
-in development-

The Gender Wheel Curriculum - Level THREE


Infinity All Around: Diversity is Necessary and Keeps up Strong

seeing ourselves in community over isolation shows how we are connected and takes the onus off the individual
-in development-

The Gender Wheel Curriculum - Level FOUR

Level FOUR

Infinity Continues, The Dance Between Us: Bodies, Gender, Relationship, Community

Self love leads to healthy relationships
-in development-

The Gender Wheel Curriculum - Level FIVE

Level FIVE

Dancing the Wheel: Staying Infinite in a Limited Culture

Using the wheel to heal, Creating inclusive practices based on the Gender Wheel
-in development-