Heal the Song, Free the Mind:
Language Acquisition and Inclusive Practices

Pronouns serve as a familiar starting point for kids and grown-ups to expand ideas about gender and celebrate personal expression. Language is OURS and we can move beyond the binary in how we speak.
Level ONE takes a focused look on how language is impacted by and conveys culture-based gender values, and how to counter judgment embedded in language to establish inclusive practices in the first 10 years of childhood and beyond. The training includes practical tools that harness the power of the nonverbal, somatic engagement and play to interrupt gender assumptions and stereotypes, and support kids to embody healthy ideas and dynamics related to gender.
The Gender Wheel Curriculum - LEVEL ONE

Currently Available Materials (or soon to be Available; additional items also in development):


For Kids:

They She He Me: Free to Be! (Ages 3-10)

  • Shows many gender presentations under each pronoun and invites even more. Includes 47 different kids and their pronouns.
  • The back offers a playful narrative about pronouns, inviting kids to know themselves inside and out, claim the pronouns that express the spirit of who they are and respect that in others.
  • Additional guide for grown-ups also in the back.
  • Watch a short stop motion video animating some of the back material from this book

They, She, He easy as ABC (Ages 3-8)

  • Learn the ABCs and practice inclusive pronouns. Shows 26 kids dancing next to the letter that begins their name.
  • Self in community. Models how to use pronouns respectfully.
  • The alphabet is the key to reading and writing the language. This book helps associate gender inclusion with something as fundamental as the alphabet.
  • View Lesson Ideas here

Call Me Tree/Llamame arbol (Ages 3-8)

  • Intentionally created without gender-specific pronouns and main character is referred to as a kid not a boy or a girl.
  • All kids are in nature and in poses inspired by the Yogic Tree pose
  • Bilingual English/Spanish
  • View the in-depth Reader's Guide for more discussion on how this book can be used to explore gender identity

For Grown-ups:

Materials in process

Educational Tools:

Playing with Pronouns Game Cards

  • ABC cards with characters from the "They She He" series of books
  • Simple sorting and matching games to break down stereotypes and assumptions.
  • Cards can be used to expand ideas about characters in other media
  • Geared to 4-9yo and includes 84 cards with add-ons & game instructions

Playmat for Playing with Pronouns

  • Double-sided 28x34 inch playmat that offers extra support and structure to the Playing with Pronouns card deck
  • Front for learning the Alphabet and simple Matching & Sorting
  • Back for for Sorting, Organizing and Memory games
  • Ideal for home or classroom environments

We Are Free to Be! Pronoun Poster

  • 18" x 24" Poster
  • Artwork from They She He Me: Free to Be! children's book


The Gender Wheel Curriculum Pronoun Protocol

  • Recommendations for ways to speak that help create gender inclusive spaces for children free of the pressure of expectations.
  • Interrupts the cycle of gender stereotypes and assumptions


Hands-On & Implementation

  • Provide personal experience and practice with all gender inclusive materials
  • Bring awareness to how the individual and the system have been impacted by education and overall cultural training regarding gender
  • Engage powerful tools of change and transformation