Downloads For Kids:

Make the Gender Wheel Handout:

Want to find your place in the dance? Download your own Gender Wheel to make!
Turn the circles. Dance the wheel. There’s room for every body. Everyone belongs. - 3 PAGES
(Grown-ups can read more about the Gender Wheel and how it was created in The Holistic Self & The Gender Wheel section of Maya's online course)

Download “Make the Wheel Handout” PDF – 2 MB

They She He Me: Free to Be! Poster:

Based on the book They She He Me: Free to Be! Having visual reference up like a poster helps keep the conversation open, can help kids understand on multiple levels, and shows that this is not something to be hidden. Also available as a full-size 18x24 poster from Reflection Press. - 1 PAGE

Download “They She He Me: Free to Be! Poster” PDF – 3 MB

My Personal Style Coloring/Activity Page:

A great activity to use with the book They She He Me: Free to Be! What's Your Style? - 1 PAGE

Download “My Personal Style Coloring/Activity Page” PDF – 9 MB

Alphabet Activity Page:

Make your own inclusive alphabet character just like in the book, They, She, He easy as ABC! Download this activity page and follow along with Maya in her 4 part video series. - 1 PAGE

Download “Alphabet Activity Page” PDF – 443 KB

"Which Outfit?" Activity Page:

Activity page from the Gender Now Coloring Book and Gender Now Activity Book: School Edition. If you opened up a closet and could choose any clothes you wanted, what would you choose? - 1 PAGE

Download “"Which Outfit?" Activity Page” PDF – 782 KB

"Which Hairdo?" Activity Page:

Activity page from the Gender Now Coloring Book and Gender Now Activity Book: School Edition. Our hair says a lot about us and how we feel. What hairdo do you like? - 1 PAGE

Download “"Which Hairdo?" Activity Page” PDF – 766 KB

Proud Trans & Nonbinary Coloring Pages:

3 Coloring Pages to celebrate and affirm our trans and non-binary youth and families! - 3 PAGES

Download “Proud Trans & Non-Binary Coloring Pages” PDF – 2 MB

Charley Parkhurst Coloring/Activity Sheet:

Learn more about the fearless trailblazer and trans ancestor, Charley Parkhurst! (Activity page originally created for The County of Santa Clara Office of LGBTQ Affairs Kid's Activity Book.) - 1 PAGE

Download “Charley Parkhurst Coloring/Activity Sheet” PDF – 794 KB

Call Me Tree Gender Free:

Maya's note to her readers about her book, Call Me Tree, published by Lee&Low. Download the PDF below or read online on her blog. (This note is included in the Reader's Guide) - 2 PAGES

Download “Call Me Tree Note to Readers” PDF – 4 MB

Downloads For Grown-Ups:

"Vetting LGBTQI Children's Books with Love" Worksheet:

statistics show that the vast majority of LGBTQ+ children's books are not written by an LGBTQ+ person. This means they often include implicit bias and lacked of lived experience. This worksheet is an important tool to develop critical awareness and begin looking at children’s books, (especially nonfiction gender books & workbooks for the young), that support LGBTQI2S+ kids, families, educators and librarians in choosing books that support our community from the inside OUT, taking into consideration truth, power dynamics, suppressed history and first or own voice. - 4 PAGES

Download “Vetting LGBTQ Children's Books with Love” PDF – 576 KB

Keeping the Perspectives Alive Handout:

While this handout was originally provided for parents, the information can be adapted for educators also. The 2 page handout provides some examples on how to provide gender expansive reflection for children in popular media such as books and movies. (Also view the video Making the Invisible Visible! to see Maya model some of this in children's books) - 2 PAGES

Download “Keeping the Perspectives Alive” PDF – 896 KB

Call Me Tree Reader's Guide:

In-depth Reader's Guide created by Maya for her book, Call Me Tree, exploring trees, yoga and gender identity. Also includes Maya's Note to Readers about the main character in the book. - 17 PAGES

Download “Call Me Tree Reader's Guide” PDF – 3 MB

Curriculum Development Worksheet:

2 page worksheet to assist in developing lesson plans that are gender inclusive. The goal here is not to teach about gender but instead to bring gender expansive awareness into everyday lessons. Examples of a potential lesson ideas are provided on worksheet.

Download “Curriculum Development Worksheet” PDF – 452 KB