a story about Pronouns...

A short stop motion film animating some of the back material from the children's book on pronouns, They She He Me: Free to Be! using the Playing with Pronouns educational cards.

'Call Me Tree' & 'They She He Me' Book Reading

Author & Illustrator, Maya Gonzalez, reads Call Me Tree and They She He Me along with a sneak peek of her newest book They, She, He easy as ABC

(Download the Reader's Guide for Call Me Tree here)

Making the Invisible Visible!
Playing with Pronouns in Children's Books:

Join Maya as she looks at several books and models how to play with pronouns and provide trans & non-binary reflection, dismantle the binary, and break down stereotypes & assumptions no matter what book you have. Geared toward grown-ups.

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'They, She, He easy as ABC' Video series

In this 4 part video series kids can learn direct from Maya Gonzalez, co-author and illustrator of They, She, He easy as ABC about the inspiration for the book and how to create your own inclusive alphabet characters! The series is geared toward kids but grown-ups are welcome too!

Download the Alphabet Activity Page to follow along to create your own alphabet character!

VIDEO 1: Reading, Rhyme & Keeping Time!

In this first video join Maya for a reading excerpt from They, She, He easy as ABC. Then engage in a writing demo and learn tips and tricks for creating your own rhymes in the style of the book. Find out how to keep the rhythm, do simple rhymes and play with alliteration.

VIDEO 2: Behind-the-Scenes – An Inside Look!

In this second video join Maya for a look at the inspiration for the book art including how it’s connected to our other book They She He Me: Free to Be! You’ll get to see some of the sketches and character development and more about the art materials she used for the book.

VIDEO 3: Drawing Like Me is easy as ABC!

In this third video join Maya for a demonstration on how to draw the characters in the book and how to use ink to get your character ready to then take into watercolor in the final video of the series.

VIDEO 4: The Dance of Color! Bringing Color to Trans Visibility in Children’s Books

In this fourth and final video of the series, filmed on Trans Day of Visibility AND Cesar Chavez Day, join Maya as she talks about why it’s so important to not only include but give center stage to our kids of color in children’s books and learn how to use watercolors to bring characters to life!