Calls to eradicate ‘transgenderism’ defy the reality of Nature. Why we need a new gender narrative.

March 7th, 2023

They began by attacking trans kids, but the end game is clear. Conservatives called for "transgenderism" to be eradicated this week, and thousands cheered.

They are intentionally fueling an ideological war with a platform that aggressively opposes any medicalization of gender, with nature’s "binary" as their back up. They accuse liberals of mutilating and sacrificing children, on “the altar of their transgender insanity.”
In response, liberals have focused on bringing awareness to gender nonconforming people through definitions and identities, suicide statistics, and gathering endorsements for medicalization from the American Medical Association, Academy of Pediatrics, Psychological and Psychiatric Associations... and more.

It has become so outrageous that asking what genitals someone has is now fair game when testifying about gender affirming care at a legal hearing.
This is obviously not about protecting children or conservatives would modify their stance on the leading cause of death in children - guns. This is about social control.
Although 91% of conservative efforts failed in 2022, 9% got through and now they’ve expanded their target to include transgender adults and drag queens.

The conservatives are making it clear. They’re gaining ground and they’re not stopping.

Thousands cheering for the eradication of trans people is beyond disturbing and...

calls for a hard, cold assessment of where we’re at and what’s working in regards to gender.

Important inroads have been made for trans rights, but it seems social constructs and medicalization can only get us so far. We need something bigger and ultimately inarguable when it comes to gender.
For many people, gender can be confusing and overwhelming to talk about. It’s difficult to get a handle on where things are at when the WHO simultaneously says that gender is a social construct, but gender identity is “deeply felt, internal and individual experience.”

With all the political turmoil and so much at stake, what we need is to get back to the basics, and that would be nature. The very tool they’re trying to use against us.

Contrary to conservative assertions, the reality is that body, gender and relationship diversity have been documented across all realms of nature for decades, and in humans for millennia.

The research is piling up and making it abundantly clear that outdated, oppressive politics based on gender stereotypes have no foundation in nature.

Turns out that queer, trans, and intersex people are perfectly natural and occur at a rate that makes us both necessary and valuable to humanity. Trying to legislate against something documented as natural and necessary will eventually fade in the face of facts. The old, false story of nature being about a boy and a girl will no longer make sense in the same way.

The false binary narrative will be replaced by a larger, holistic perspective of bodies and gender that includes and values everybody.

But it means we have to challenge ourselves to change and get current. The great thing is that the payoff is huge.
By beginning with queer, trans, and intersex people as a valuable part of nature, the whole gender narrative changes automatically as does the power dynamic.
No longer required to defend against or inspire empathy and understanding in others, LGBTQIA+ people are simply natural, even necessary, and deserving of basic human rights.
Nature helps level the political playing field and opens the door to address the damage that’s been done, so we can finally start moving forward toward healing.

These are big ideas, but the Gender Wheel Approach takes all this into account and provides a comprehensive way to understand and heal gender with nature, especially for kids.

We’re currently in production on our newest full color children's book set to release in August.

The Gender and Infinity Book for Kids reorients and fundamentally changes the gender narrative with kids by beginning with our inherent belonging within the infinite diversity of nature.

When kids understand themselves as an integral part of the vast, interconnected flow of nature’s diversity first and foremost, they are better positioned to understand the value and meaning of their core self.
It gives them a home base to see through and negotiate the constant pressure to conform to gender stereotypes. This reorientation is a first step in the Gender Wheel Approach.
Our Decolonizing Gender with Nature video series geared toward adults and teens offers a full reorientation to the Gender Wheel and helps make sense of where limited understandings and oppression of bodies and gender came from and how to interrupt it.

We’re at a critical point in our culture. Clearly, this is not about one book. This is about having a whole approach that addresses everything the conservatives throw at us, AND supports our kids and communities through this onslaught.

We need to lean into the fact that conservatives want to use nature against us.

This is the perfect opportunity to bring out the intersex, nonbinary, queer truth of all of nature! Infinite diversity is one of nature’s greatest strengths! And we are a part of that! Now and forever.

Calls to eradicate transgenderism defy the reality of nature. Outdated, Oppressive politics based on gender stereotypes have no foundation in Nature.
Gender Wheel

The Gender Wheel provides an entire approach to gender and life that addresses, transforms, and heals binary thinking and gender oppression. Our work cultivates a new planetary mindset in alignment with nature to ignite cascading change. Our books are published under the Gender Wheel imprint of Reflection Press – a POC, queer, and trans owned indie press based in San Francisco.
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