a Story About PRONOUNS

Here's a great intro for kids & adults!
A short stop motion film animating some of the back material from the children's book on pronouns, They She He Me: Free to Be! using the Playing with Pronouns educational cards.

"When you were born you were given a name and a pronoun, probably he or she.
As you get older and know yourself more and more on the inside some of the ideas of she and he may fit you and some of them may not.....
On the inside, you may not feel like he or she at all, maybe they feels the most free, or you may feel like both she and he.
But mostly you probably just feel like yourself..."

the Pronoun circle - genderwheel.com

Pronouns are a way of extending your gender out into the world. They can be used to bring your true self into greater focus, or maintain fluidity. They can also be used to maintain safety and privacy.

Alone, in your own mind, gender can be pronoun-free and perfectly nonbinary as “I, me, myself.”

Pronouns are power.

Tree is to affirm that we need more words that reflect the deeper meaning of who we are. Especially ones connected to nature. Language is OURS! We must move beyond the binary in how we speak. (Read more about Tree)

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