3 Children’s Books to Interrupt Pronoun Stereotypes

They, She, He easy as ABC
Play and relaxation naturally help dismantle gender stereotypes and assumptions.

Pronouns are one of the first ways that kids are taught to gender themselves and others. Stereotypes about what "he" and "she" are supposed to look and act like are bombarding kids from the time they are born and often go unquestioned. The pressure to conform to these stereotypes is equally prevalent.

How do we counteract this?

We must be equally consistent about providing a truthful picture of diversity and fluidity. This allows all kids to relax and explore who they are outside of rigid roles and definitions. The remedy to rigidity is play.

TREE...FREE...ABC, a nature-based path of fluidity.

They She He Me: Free to Be! Poster
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Call Me Tree/Llamame arbol

Call Me Tree provides a gentle lead-up to more specific talks about pronouns and gender. Use this book to explore everyone’s right to grow into who they fully are.

  • EXPANDS room for kids to just be themselves with pronoun free text.
  • CENTERS a connection to nature through the use of Tree as a personal reference.

They She He Me: Free to Be!

They She He Me provides a valuable introduction to pronouns and gender for kids. Use this book to explore the many ways each pronoun can look and expand beyond he and she.

  • INTERRUPTS stereotypes and assumptions.
  • INSPIRES curiosity and big conversations about lots of different pronouns and ways of being.

They, She, He easy as ABC

They, She, He easy as ABC models that gender inclusion is as fundamentally important as learning the alphabet. Use this book to practice using inclusive pronouns.

  • CELEBRATES gender diversity while learning the alphabet.
  • ENCOURAGES ways of speaking that make room for everybody to be who they are.
Playing with Pronouns is an educational card deck for young children designed to expand gender while learning and playing games.