The Gender and Infinity Book for Kids – Quick Tips

The Gender and Infinity Book for Kids - Quick Tips - Gender Wheel
Additional resources to support the Quick Tips found in the back of The Gender and Infinity Book for Kids.
Tips to help bring a nature-based, decolonized, and holistic perspective of gender to kids.

**Note: the book was just released and we are finalizing this page with more resources, stay tuned!

The Gender & Infinity Book for Kids by Maya Gonzalez


The research is piling up and it turns out nature’s secret power is diversity. And it’s not just people. It’s all living beings. Plants, fish, birds, animals. Everything, including you, is a part of the timeless patterns of nature’s body, gender, and relationship diversity. But it can be hard to find. Many institutions, programs, zoos and more don’t update their information to include this kind of diversity. We know it exists. If you don’t see it, investigate! We can educate ourselves and our kids.


All kids (and adults) experience pressure to conform to "the boxes." This contributes to stress, bullying, behavior problems, depression, learning issues and more. If we want to see the world and ourselves as we really are, we need to see infinity in our uniqueness. We do this by removing our own assumptions and expectations about who we think people can be based on the boxes. This helps transform the constant pressure to conform in the world around us. We want everybody to be free to be exactly who they are, just like in nature.


To make lasting change we need new ways to think and talk about bodies and gender that include everyone all of the time. Fortunately when we center nature’s infinite body and gender diversity, we start to move away from limited binary thinking toward a more holistic path. This is strengthened by learning more about nature’s circles, cycles, and continuums like those of the Gender Wheel. We complete the circle when we engage gender-inclusive language.