8 Steps to Implement the Gender Wheel® Approach

Free to Be - 8 steps to implement the Gender Wheel Approach
Being solid in the Self, Teaching toward truth, Reaching toward an inclusive world.

All of these areas are explored in-depth in our Gender Wheel Trainings including strategies for dealing with pushback.

Our monthly newsletter also explores some simple pushback responses and strategies in relation to each month's theme.

FREE TO BE - 8 steps

FACE your Self

Look at your willingness and comfort level to step forward in different situations. This is not an all or nothing call to action. This is about understanding your strengths and limitations as you grow on your path.

RAISE your Self-Awareness

Many of us have to negotiate some level of implicit bias. The more awareness you have of yourself, the easier it will be to see through it. This goes for any systemic privilege you may carry. If you’re committed to making greater change, this is highly valuable.

EMBODY the Truth

Know in your bones the strategies for pushback. In a sense this is a shorthand exercise to bringing all the truth of the Gender Wheel® Approach into your memory, into your body. Truth will support you from the inside out.

EMBRACE the nonverbal

Integrating all of the truth in the materials is meant for everyone to feel on an essential level Free To Be. This is everybody’s birthright. You too. Do you feel free to be fully who you are?

TAP into the immense richness of gender diversity

In order to balance the constant messages in the world at large, it is valuable to provide as diverse an array of gender and bodies as possible. It doesn’t have to be in one book. It can happen across materials.

OWN creativity as a remedy

Sex and gender are currently relegated to external authority figures. Medical, psychiatric, scientific and so on. Creativity is about inner authority. Using it as a teaching tool helps reinforce inner knowing.

BROADEN your teaching scope

By including the truth about nature, indigenous cultures, global and US history you can be part of bringing more truth and inclusion into our kids’ world.

ENTER the circle

The Gender Wheel is a reflection of the whole self within the larger community. The Gender Wheel is also a reflection of the whole Earth, of which we are an intrinsic part. In every way this is about belonging, about wholeness, about oneness. Here, you belong.
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