10 Tips for Creating a More GENDERFULL World

10 tips to creating a more GENDERFULL world - The Gender Wheel Curriculum
Reclaiming what's been suppressed, Addressing the impact, Healing and transforming.
All of these areas are explored in-depth in our Facilitated Workshops as well as our Decolonizing Gender with Nature On Demand Series


GROUND the Truth of Nature

If we look we can see gender diversity in beings all around us, flying in the sky, swimming in the sea, playing in the forest, running in the desert, basking in the sun. All genders are perfectly natural.

EXPAND Multicultural and Indigenous Awareness

In every color of the human rainbow, in every country of the world, everybody everywhere, there is and has always been gender diversity.

NURTURE Inclusive History

Gender diverse people have made significant contributions throughout US and global history as ambassadors, doctors, leaders, artists, and in everyday life as family, neighbors, and friends.

DIVEST in opposite and binary thinking

We have been falsely conditioned to see only in opposites and in twos. This blinds us to the truth of nuance and the vast variety that exists in everything, including gender.

ENGAGE new ways of speaking

Create safe, gender fluid space for everyone to relax into and explore who they are free from stereotypes & assumptions by using nouns & pronouns that include everyone all the time. Engage the Pronoun Protocol.

REMEMBER who has been erased

Bring awareness to who is not included in books, media, & learning materials so exclusion and erasure never go unacknowledged.

FREE your mind to holistic thinking

A holistic perspective is the remedy to oppositional binary thinking. Pay attention to interdependence & interconnectivity. Explore gradations and in-between spaces; wholes rather than separation into parts.

USE Pronoun Power

Practice how to use more pronouns than he & she, like singular they, ze, tree, xe or even a person’s name. Play with pronouns in books & other media to explore new inclusive stories.

LIBERATE from Systemic Oppression

Look at the ways you participate in gender stereotypes and assumptions and how you can break the cycle every day. Remember courage & discomfort are a natural part of change.

LEARN about the Gender Wheel

Move toward a new way of thinking about gender that is nature-based and holistic and takes into account the larger context of our history and its impact. Gender is dynamic, infinite, inclusive.