Assignments, Assumptions, Expectations, and Guesses....oh my!

How to Tell if it's a guess, assumption, expectation or assignment about someone's gender - flow chart

Why is this important to understand?

From a nature-based, holistic, and decolonized perspective, having accurate context of systemic oppression is key. In an equitable world we wouldn’t be doing ANY of these things above.

BUT, if we don’t understand how labels at birth are currently determined and what they are based on - stereotypes, behavior requirements, and privilege - we do not have accurate context to understand why oppression is happening and continues to happen to anyone who does not conform.

Without context, all the responsibility for oppression then rests on an individual’s body instead of where it should be placed - on the system and its assignments.

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How to Tell if it's a Guess, Assumption, Expectation, or Assignment about Someone's Gender:

A coloring page of the graphic above! Coloring is not just for kids and brings in the nonverbal, offering an opportunity for greater embodiment through holistic and alternative ways of understanding and knowing. - 1 PAGE

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